Upami anjeun Henteu Hoyong Pendapat Kuring, Anjeun Henteu Kedah Tanya!

Salah sahiji hal anu hébat ngeunaan naon anu kuring lakukeun nyaéta nempatkeun kuring hubungan sareng perusahaan sanés anu saacanna kuring damel sareng atanapi pikeun. Dinten ayeuna kuring nampi sakedik berita anu matak nguciwakeun.

Kira-kira sabulan katukang, kuring nyéépkeun sababaraha jam ngeusian survey anu lengkep anu dikirim ka kuring ti salah sahiji perusahaan anu kuring damel sareng ayeuna damel pikeun ngahijikeun sareng ngajual deui. Kuring tuang haté kuring ka perusahaan nalika kuring aya sareng masih bogoh ka jalma sareng produk sareng jasa dugi ka ayeuna. Nanging, alesan anu sami kuring ngantep perusahaan teras-teras muncul nalika urang damel pikeun ngajual deui platform - antar muka kembung, kakurangan fitur, biaya tinggi, jst.

Kuring ngagentoskeun uleman survey dina koropak kuring pikeun némbalan kana survey nalika kuring bakalan ngahaturanan waktos. Engké wengi sareng énjingna, kuring nyéépkeun sajam atanapi dua jam kanggo ngajawab survey. Kalayan bidang téks kabuka, kuring langsung sareng ka titik dina kritik kuring. Barina ogé, salaku pengecer, pamutahiran produkna aya di my kapentingan pangalusna. Kuring henteu narik pukulan sareng ngarep pisan ngeunaan naon anu kuring rasakeun masalah inti. Kuring ogé nyandak bakat anu nyéépkeun perusahaan - aranjeunna bakal kaleungitan seueur padamel anu saé.

Padahal surveyna anonim, kuring terang aya ngalacak idéntifikasi dina prosés kaluman sareng cariosan langsung kuring tiasa gampang diidentipikasi ku perusahaan salaku kuring. Kuring henteu hariwang ngeunaan akibat naon waé, aranjeunna parantos naroskeun pendapat kuring sareng kuring hoyong nawiskeun ka aranjeunna.

Ngaliwatan anggur ayeuna (aya salawasna anggur), Kuring mendakan yén cariosan kuring parantos gumulung ngalangkungan perusahaan sareng, singgetna, kuring henteu wilujeng damel sareng perusahaan pikeun ngajantenkeun hubungan naon waé.

Hasilna, numutkeun kuring, katingali pondok sareng henteu dewasa. Éta moal aya anu ngahontal kuring sacara pribadi nunjukkeun kurangna profesionalisme ogé. Untungna pikeun kuring, aya langkung seueur panyadia jasa di pasar anu tiasa nyayogikeun naon anu kuring peryogikeun pikeun artos anu langkung sakedik sareng langkung gampang diintegrasikeun. Kuring ngarepkeun ngabantosan perusahaan lami kuring kaluar ku nyayogikeun sababaraha umpan balik anu seger, jujur.

Upami aranjeunna henteu hoyong pendapat kuring, kuring ngarepkeun aranjeunna henteu kantos naros. Éta bakal ngahemat kuring sababaraha jam tina waktos kuring sareng perasaan teu saurang ogé bakal menyakiti. Teu hariwang, kitu. Sakumaha anu dipikahoyong, kuring moal ngalakukeun nanaon pikeun ngajantenkeun hubungan sareng aranjeunna.

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    One thing worth pondering here is whether the news you heard is official or just rumor. Offices are horrible places for rumor mongering, it’s quite possible that the people reviewing your submission just flipped out and said some things they shouldn’t have, and somebody nearby heard them and took it as official policy. The rumor then got distorted and transformed from a simple case of listening in to something much worse.

    Of course that’s just speculation 🙂 It’s also possible that you are cut off from whatever company in question you are talking about.

    But I think the question I’d be asking myself at this point is – do I care? If you have sore feelings towards this company (which is sounds like you do in your post), then do you really want to keep working with them anyways?

    • 2

      Thanks for the great feedback, Christian. I definitely wouldn’t have posted had I had any doubts regarding it being rumor or fact. It’s, indeed, a fact.

      The lesson for any company is that, if you’re not prepared to get very negative feedback, don’t send out a survey that solicits it!

  2. 3
    • 4

      Ross, that may be the best comment ever. I suppose what I learned is that many companies only pledge allegiance to the dollar and not their employees nor their customers.

      I don’t own shares in the company and I owe them nothing, so I shouldn’t be taking this personally. I’ll get over it quick enough and find a company that does want to listen.

  3. 5

    I think the real problem is that the company doesn’t understand the value of getting some straight forward, hard-hitting feedback. As Doug said, if you’re not interested in hearing the good with the bad, then don’t ask someone that might be honest with you. If all you’re looking for is good, positive, warm, fuzzy feedback. Then hand-pick the customers/clients you want feedback from, call them up and ask “What do you like about us?” One question, that’s it, because in reality that’s all it sounds like you’re really interested in hearing anyway.

    Forget about the fact that you might have a customer that knows a little bit about the service you’re trying to sell and what it means to actually use its fullest capabilities. The customer you’re ignoring might be the one that’s intelligent enough to know what questions should be asked by all customers and aren’t because 95% of them don’t know anything other than what you tell them about your own service.

    If you don’t want to fix or improve what you’ve got and make it better, don’t waste our time. There’s plenty of other services like yours we can “monkey” around with instead.

  4. 6

    No matter how negative the feedback the company should be taking it as an opportunity for improvement. You gave them exactly what they asked for they should be happy to get it.

    If they feel it is unjustified, ignore the bad and work on the good.

    All in all it is pretty poor behavior to ask for an anonymous opinion and then hold it against you.

    Why would I alienate someone that is reselling my product?

  5. 7

    I think this brings up a bigger issue. Companies need to be careful in what they say about people who are extremely active in social media (like yourself). They need to treat bloggers the same way they would treat a journalist. If they’re soliciting your opinion, they need to either use it as constructive criticism or ignore it. The worst thing they could have done is to let it get posted in your blog that they treated you like that. It doesn’t reflect well upon them at all.

    • 8

      I suppose that’s true to some extent, Colin. I surely don’t want folks afraid of doing business with me in the event something bad happens and I might blog about it, though. As you notice above, I never actually mention who it is and I wouldn’t ever do that.

      Some of my closest friends work for businesses and I wouldn’t ever maliciously attempt to hurt their business – but I will continue to be honest when asked.

  6. 9

    Doug, I am very sorry to hear that this happened. I certainly appreciate your feedback. For what it is worth – your comments do matter and they are appreciated.

  7. 10

    Same is true when someone asks any question, ie “what’s the difference between Indy &. . . . ” A real question I was asked recently. I avoided the answer because I knew it might be offensive to the asker. However, when it was asked the 2nd time, I responded & sure enough. . . the asker found it “offensive”. Even though the answer was absolutely factual.

    If we don’t want to hear the answer – to any question – then don’t ask in the 1st place.

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